Story of the week: Retired Australian K9’s reaction to word ‘cocaine’ goes viral

QUEENSLAND, AU – A retired Australian K9 named Dante has become quite the viral hit online after his reaction to the word “cocaine” seemingly triggered some of his old instincts from his days as a narcotics detector.


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Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

France: National homage for police official stabbed at work

Third website I had to rebuild thanks to Big Tech Censorship

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The top 10 most dangerous cities in region 2, and their populations, are:

St. Louis, Mo., pop. 314,507

Kansas City, Mo., pop. 478,364

Rockford, Ill., pop. 147,363

Milwaukee, Wisc., pop. 600,193

Minneapolis, Minn., pop. 416,751

Lansing, Mich., pop. 115,199

Chicago, Ill., pop. 2,725,153

South Bend, Ind., pop. 101,621

Cincinnati, Ohio, pop. 298,880

Dayton, Ohio, pop. 140,260

100% KENNEDY: ‘If You Support Defunding Police, You’ve Tested Positive for Stupid’

Facebook extremely limits and censors Conservative news and views.
Join my group on MeWe and see what is going on in the world.

Cop Charged For Crash While Pursuing Wrong-Way Driver, Crash Victim Say Cop Was Doing His Job

Feds Would Have Arrested Derek Chauvin In Courtroom If He Wasn’t Convicted

Suspect dead after ambushing police officer during traffic stop, escaping and sparking ‘Blue Alert’

‘Cold-blooded, premeditated, and despicable act’: Illegal alien arrested for murdering ex in front of her kids

Deep State Digest

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