For The Radicals, Floyd Was Just a Convenient “Crisis” to Exploit

The Left cared little about Justice for Floyd. He was just another reason to use violence. Guilty or not, they had planned on committing violence.

Right On Cue: Portland Rioters Go On Destructive Rampage After Chauvin Verdict, Police Actually Intervene

Joe Collins Calls for the Arrest of Maxine Waters – Dr. Rich Swier

Ocasio-Cortez declares Chauvin guilty verdict not enough: ‘It’s not justice!’

‘In Defense of Looting’ author tells Twitter followers to ‘ATTACK’ police — yet her account is still active

‘This is not the time for defense, respectability, reorganization. We gotta take what we got and throw it at the motherf***ers…’

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes
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Capitol cop who shot rioter dead during insurrection won’t face any charges

THE US Capitol Police officer who shot dead Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt during the January 6 riots has been cleared of criminal wrongdoing, the Department of Justice ruled on Wednesday. Officia…

Do we even know who this “cop” is??????? Insane.

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Who needs to learn respect?

Deep State Digest

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