Yankees Fans Peacefully Protest Blowout to the Rays

As MLB increasingly promotes and funds the radical Marxist group BLM, I guess it was inevitable the fans would embrace their tactics and riot…….

Black Lives Matter MLB Patch Yankees Astros Dodgers 2020 Baseball Jersey blm

….sorry…..I mean, that they would peacefully protest like BLM does, to express their frustration with their lousy team and loss of power.


MLB has adopted all things BLM, I think it’s great the fans are taking peaceful protests to the bleachers. I am surprised to hear all the condemnation from the announcers and the leftwing media about their behavior. Should they have turned it up a notch and peacefully started assaulting the security staff and peacefully started burning the stadium down?

Yankees understand fans’ frustration, but ‘hated seeing’ field littered during ugly loss

Rays not sure why Yankees fans also were throwing at them

Remember, these entitled fans support a team that has given them years of championships, this loss of power is profound. I’m glad they adopted BLM’s tactics and channeled their anger and frustration peacefully too.

Yankees, Rays reactions to object-throwing fans

Hope more fans adopt the tactics of BLM. You can get your point across far more effectively by peacefully destroying things and peacefully throwing objects on the field than you ever will with the ol’ Bronx Cheer (Booing)!

We are living in strange times to say the least folks……..turn off the sports

Yankees fans throw dangerous in-game tantrum during blowout loss to Rays (Video)

New York Yankees fans lost their cool while watching the Rays blow out their team at Yankee Stadium, resorting to throwing baseballs on the field.

Yankees Fans Look Worse Than Their Team in Loss to Rays

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

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Norfolk PD investigating report that officer donated to Kenosha shooting suspect Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense fund

We are no longer free.

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A massive police presence has converged on a mall in Omaha, Nebraska — where another shooting just took place.

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