Joe Biden Fanning the Flames in Tragic Incident

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

The president fanning the flames, throwing gasoline on a fire his party started with their organized goon squads. He should be calling for calm and imploring people to wait for the facts and investigation. But he wants blood, and he will get it. It will be on his hands.

This was an accident. A mistake. Something that wouldn’t have happened if this guy didn’t resist and try to flee in his car. A SFPD cop made a similar mistake and was charged with involuntary manslaughter. We are a nation of laws, not street justice.

Shame on you Joe Biden. You are a disgrace

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Graphic: Body camera video shows deadly shooting of Daunte Wright

BREAKING: MSNBC Films Thugs Looting Dollar Tree – Looters Notice – Attack MSNBC on Live TV – Tell Them to Go the F&$k Home (VIDEO)

‘Squad’ member demands ‘no more policing’ after Daunte Wright death: ‘It can’t be reformed’

Says nothing about thousands being killed in reformed democrat cities………..

Man threatens to stab undercover Asian officer in the face inside Penn Station

Black Student Confesses To Racist Graffiti On College Campus Which Sparked Protests

Proposed law would criminalize hiding things or deceiving people to get laid – could classify it as sexual assault

Deep State Digest

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