American Police News 3-25-21

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

Iowa Correctional Officer And Prison Nurse Murdered By Inmate During Escape Attempt

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa had been suffering from paranoid delusions.. His own family noted that he suffered from them for several years..But yet he was never flagged….This guy was known to the FBI, because of a relationship with another “individual under investigation”…
Again, why wasn’t he flagged? The guy had at least one Misdeamonor conviction…Had the FBI done it’s job and flagged this guy, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alisss would never had been able to get his hands on a Firearm..Let alone two….There is a process in place that works, when the Federal apparatus is applied evenly, fairly, and correctly… If the family knew he had severe mental issues as reported, and his sister saw him with a gun, then the family should have notified the authorities.Right away….This tragedy could have been avoided…Again…The system failed..

New Details Released About Boulder Mass Killer

CNN- Shooter was Arab but Morally White

Deputy In Critical Condition After Being Shot In Shopping Center Parking Lot


BREAKING: More Evidence Suggests China Coronavirus (COVID) Outbreak May Have Come from Military Bioweapons Research Accident

Deep State Digest

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