American Police News 3-21-21

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes
  • NYC sex-workers advocates respond to Atlanta spa murders
  • What this jerkoff did was horrendous and evil, no one debating this. Asians are routinely victimized in Democrat cities daily, but you are not allowed to report or discuss THOSE incidents……..
  • BUT I HAVEN’T HEARD SQUAT ABOUT THE FACT MOST OF THESE GIRLS ARE SLAVES- Victims of Human Trafficking! Seriously, how do you ignore that 1000 pound gorilla in the room?
  • Isn’t that a far greater threat to Asians?????

SEX FOR SALE: Inside the business of illicit massage parlors

New study will show scope of illegal massage parlors, human trafficking in Atlanta

Georgia investigators say massage parlor shooter had ‘sex addiction’ | WNT

Atlanta spa shootings: Suspect was heading to Fla. for possibly more attacks, officials say | FULL

The Human Trafficking Side to Illicit Massage Parlors | Bob Herbert’s Op-Ed.TV

“What Humanitarian Principle Is Served by Rewarding – Monstrous Trafficking of Children?” – Stephen Miller OBLITERATES Nancy Pelosi’s Nonsense and Lies on Biden’s Open Border (Video)

Asians not allowed to speak out against this daily barrage of racist attacks.

12 People Shot Friday Through Sunday Morning in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago

Stabbing Incident in Detroit Leaves 8 Wounded, Hospitalized
Eight people were hospitalized after a mass stabbing early Sunday morning in Detroit’s Tiaga hookah lounge.

Could you imagine if an unarmed Domestic Violence Officer showed up????????

Man Charged With Selling ‘Boogaloo Bois’ Parts To Convert AR-15s To Fully Automatic

Miami State of Emergency

BREAKING: SWAT Team Moves In As Spring Breakers Commit Violence, Destroy Restaurants…City of Miami Beach Declares State of Emergency [VIDEO]

Black Lives Matter leader in Greater Atlanta indicted for spending donations on a house, guns and prostitutes

Dershowitz: It’s a ‘serious constitutional mistake’ for judge to refuse change of venue for trial of Derek Chauvin


Teen takes drunken tumble down stairs as sheriffs bust illegal NYC ‘bottle club’

Deep State Digest

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