American Police News 3/15/21

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

Two officers shot in 24 hours while attempting to arrest an armed suspect – one hit repeatedly in the face and head

BLM and ANTIFA burned down city blocks, illegally occupied part of Seattle, trapped cops in their stationhouse and tried to burn it down, threw moltov cocktails into occupied police cars, and stormed and occupied state Capitols, leaving many dead and wounded at year end. This man attended a legal rally as did the second, who also provided security for the speakers. This is a travesty and flake.

Young Florida Man Reaches Out for Help After His Parents were Taken Away by FBI – Family Fears They will Lose Their Farm and Desperately Need Help

Honoré’s Report Says Capitol Police Incapable Of Handling Threats To Lawmakers Or Capitol Complex

Officer Under Investigation After Video Shows Him Stomp On Suspect’s Head

East Cleveland, OH – An East Cleveland police officer has been placed on paid leave while the department investigates…

https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/wp-content/themes/Extra_child/embeddable-feed/let-embeddable.js https://www.policeone.com/syndicate-js.asp?vid=2&cnt=5


Nearly 600 Connecticut Nat’l Guard troops headed to Africa in global war on terrorism; state’s largest deployment since 2009 Don’t we usually send regular military first? Seems kinda weird to me… Anybody?

Pence: ‘Proud’ of No New Wars Under Trump Administration

3.12.21: CNN, Cartoons, ILHAN…all covering TRUTH?? Twilight Zone material!

Happening Now: NY Governor Cuomo Makes Announcement – Denies Allegations of Sexual Harassment – Refuses to Resign – LIVE STREAM AUDIO

BREAKING: Boxing Great Marvin Hagler Dies – According to Reports He Was Struggling in ICU on Saturday After Taking Vaccine

High-Ranking Military Official Openly Threatens Tucker Carlson with Violence, “Trust Me, You’d Know if the DoD Attacked You”


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