American Police News

NYPD Shooting https://twitter.com/i/status/1369663429754118148

LAPD Wants Instagram To Reveal Identities Of Possible Cops Who Posted Offensive Memes

5 Jurors Selected For Derek Chauvin Trial After Many Are Excluded Over Their Opinions

Let’s not forget what this is all about. They want him out so he doesn’t face charges and investigation for killing 14K NY’ers in Nursing Homes. Democrat politicians are serial sexual predators and are protected by the machine from victims and prosecution- until they become a liability.

Even More Women Accuse Gov. Cuomo Of Sexual Harassment As He Says He Won’t Resign

Tucson PD Lays Out Long List Of Calls They’ll Stop Responding To Amid Crippling Staffing Shortage

Shooting Near “George Floyd Autonomous Zone” in Minneapolis Leaves One Person Dead Days Before Officer Chauvin Trial

Blood blisters on a senior person after being vaccinated with Pfizer. What the hell is the toxcinne doing to our bodies?

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