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Feb 03 2021

BREAKING: Two FBI Agents Dead, Three Wounded By Child Porn Suspect

  • Sunrise, FL – Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent Daniel Alfin and Special Agent Laura Schwartzenberger were fatally shot in the line of duty on Tuesday while attempting to execute a warrant on a child pornography suspect.

FBI agents killed in Florida had history of investigating child porn, exploitation cases

Special Agent Alfin led the investigation into the largest child pornography website on the dark web, called Playpen, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

He is credited with having broken a case that led to the rescue of hundreds of children.

The FBI said that about 900 people were arrested all over the world in connection with the Playpen investigation and children were rescued in the United States.

“Members of his enterprise who were raping children, who were producing child pornography all around the world — those cases continue to be indicted and prosecuted,” Agent Alfin in a 2017 press statement that announced Playpen’s founder had been sentenced to 30 years in prison, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Special Agent Alfin should be commended for his work in operation Pacifier. Yet the FBI allowed pedophiles to walk in order to protect their hacking system.

Law Enforcement works uncover and infiltrates criminal organizations for a host of crimes, none more nefarious than this one.  The FBI should be commended for this operation, not attacked!

Playpen: The Story of the FBI’s Unprecedented and Illegal Hacking Operation

‘Playpen’ Creator Sentenced to 30 Years — FBI

Heroes Down: FBI Special Agents Daniel Alfin, Laura Schwartzenberger Fatally Shot In Line Of Duty

Could you imagine if this unarmed woman was BLM or ANTIFA??? I am not shocked by the double standard any more. I expect one sided prosecutions and witch hunts and protected people because our government had been completely hijacked.

  • Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed during the January 6 riot
  • She was shot by Capitol Police after rioters smashed a door to Speaker’s Lobby
  • The unnamed officer who shot her had been placed on leave soon after the riot
  • Police investigators concluded charges against the officer are not warranted 
  • Justice Department officials have not yet made a final determination
Depositions of Saudi Government Officials Begin
Dear Clients, As we enter the twentieth year since the attacks, we have finally begun to obtain testimony from Saudi government officials and their activities in support of the 9/11 Plot. On January 13th, we deposed Abdelaziz al Anqari, a high-level bureaucrat in Saudi Arabia’s government-run air transportation entity, Saudi Civil Aviation. Anqari was part of the chain of command that oversaw Omar al-Bayoumi, an instrumental supporter to the California-based hijackers. On January 26th, we deposed Abdelrahman al Shahri, a Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs official. He was involved in the post-9/11 Saudi government investigation into the potential role the Saudi government entity the Ministry of Islamic Affairs played in facilitating the 9/11 attacks. On February 13th we will be deposing Ahmed al Qattan, who was the number 2 official in the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington, D.C. from 1990-2005. Over the next few months we will be deposing some of the key persons in the case including Omar al Bayoumi, Fahad al Thumairy, Musaed al Jarrah and the Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs, among others. 
The two depositions taken so far have been put under seal at the demand of Saudi Arabia, meaning we cannot update you on the substance of their testimony at this time. We will make every effort to ensure that the deposition process and the contents of the testimonies see the light of day. We believe you have every right as plaintiffs on this lawsuit to know what these government officials have to say. As we progress in these depositions, we will continue to update you all on the status of this landmark case. We appreciate all of your support during these depositions, and as we pursue truth and justice for the 9/11 community.

DA To Charge Now-Former Police Chief And Cop Caught In Racist Bodycam Scandal

Hammer Attack Suspect Walks Free After Victim Refuses To Testify Without Mask

Feb 02 2021

Mississippi sheriff’s deputy dies after shootout with suspect

VIDEO: Rochester Officer Pepper Sprays Handcuffed 9 Year Old

Lawmaker Calls School Resource Officers ‘Traumatizing,’ Proposes Banning Them From School Buildings

Firefighter Facing Discipline For Rushing 3-Year-Old Burn Victim To Hospital After Ambulance Never Showed

Q The Plan to Save the World

Europe is EXPLODING as Citizens RISE UP and REVOLT Against Covid Restrictions!!!

ZUCKERBERG EXPOSED! Facebook Insider LEAKS Video as Conservative Nations REBEL!!!

Alex Jones Predicted the Election Would Be Stolen and Full Purge of Patriots!

El Jefe Biden: America’s First Dictator

Are We Living In The End Times?

Feb 01 2021

Firearm Licensing and Registration Act

NFL Player Allegedly Chokes Out Girlfriend, Says ‘Wow, You’re Alive?’ When She Wakes Up

Philly’s Top Cop Refuses To Resign After Report Says Cops Used Too Much Force And Too Little Force During Riots


Ep. 2392b – Slings & Arrows, You Have Not Been Abandoned, Think Shadow, Pain

Silver Is The Achilles Heel To The Corrupt Globalist’s Stock Market

Ep. 2392a – How Do You Break The [CB]? How Do You Restructure? Gold Destroys Fed

Max Porterfield – [CB] Plan, Kill Jobs For The Reset, Precious Metals Will Is The Countermeasure


Democrat Crimes and Tyranny


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