Sgt Michael Curtin

Sgt Michael Curtin

Sergeant Michael Sean Curtin, New York City Police …

Sergeant Michael Curtin was killed in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks while attempting to rescue the victims trapped in the World Trade Center.

Sergeant Curtin was a US Marine Corps veteran of Operation Desert Storm. He had served with the New York City Police Department for 13 years and was assigned to ESU Truck 2. He is survived by his wife, three daughters, and brother.

He was posthumously awarded the New York City Police Department’s Medal of Honor for his heroic actions.

I worked with Mike in the 113 pct.  When they talked about a command presence I thought of him.  I didn’t need to be told he was a Marine, you just knew.  A very respected supervisor with the complete respect of the men who worked directly for him.  RIP Sgt


Helga Curtin of Medford turned 40 on Sept. 11. Her husband, Michael, planned a small get-together with 10 of the couple’s closest friends on the previous Friday night since neither could afford a late night on Tuesday.
After returning from work on the 11th, Curtin, 45, was to cook his wife “a nice meal,” his wife said. But his plan never came to fruition.
A member of Harlem-based Emergency Service Unit Truck 2 of the New York City Police Department, Michael Sean Curtin of Medford is presumed dead in the World Trade Center attacks. He was last heard from that morning when he phoned his wife to wish her a happy birthday, his wife said.
Born in Liberty, N.Y., Curtin’s family moved to Long Island when he was a child. He graduated from Rocky Point High School in 1975 and enlisted in the Marine Corps shortly after. Curtin was called to active duty for the next 12 years and was discharged last year with the rank of sergeant major.
Somewhere between basic training and active duty, Curtin found time for love. He and his wife met on Christmas Eve 1979 on Parris Island. “I went down there with roommates over Christmas Eve break,” his wife said. “One of them was dating Michael’s roommate, so that’s how we met.”
A Marine through and through, Curtin held his family to a staunch standard of conduct, his wife said. But there were no push-ups for insubordination or three-mile runs for misbehavior. “He always stressed loyalty and discipline,” his wife said. “But it was never done aggressively.”
An avid local sports fan, Curtin seldom sat in front of a television to watch a game. Instead, he would attend as many of his daughters’ basketball, field hockey, volleyball, soccer and lacrosse games as he could, his wife said. “The only sports he ever really watched were when his kids played.”
She described her husband as “a very involved father,” who “always encouraged his kids to do whatever they wanted to do.”
The couple’s three daughters – Jennifer, 15, Erika, 14, and Heather, 12 – have endured the holidays without their father, she said. “The holidays have been awful,” she said. But, she said, the family has faced reality, and is “trying to get through things day by day.”
But their void is felt, nonetheless. “We always worked with one another, and I always bounced my thoughts off of him,” she said. “We had a genuine respect. I would always turn to him, and now he’s not there to turn to. The thing I miss the most about him is him.” — Nick Iyer

NYPD Marine Corps Association 9/11 Plaque

TogetherWeServed – SgtMaj Michael Curtin

Long before the World Trade Center terrorist attacks, New York Police Sgt. Michael Curtin was a hero to Rudy Guzman of San Leandro because of his bravery after the Oklahoma City bombing.
Curtin was a longtime member of NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit, an elite squad with the motto “anytime, anywhere, anyplace” that is dispatched to rescue operations throughout the country. He discovered the body of Guzman’s brother, Randy, buried for days in the rubble of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building, despite the danger that he could be trapped himself.
Randy Guzman, a 28-year-old Marine Corps captain, was working in his recruiting office on the building’s sixth floor when Timothy McVeigh‘s truck bomb exploded on April 19, 1995.
Now, Curtin — last seen carrying out a woman from the North Tower of the New York trade center when it collapsed on Sept. 11 — is presumed dead. And Guzman is hoping he can pay respects to Curtin’s widow, just as Curtin paid respects to him and his family so long ago.

Rudy Guzman’ whose brother, Randy a Martine Corps captain died in the Oaklahoma City bombing six years ago, poses with a 1996 photo of (L to R) Michael Curtin, NYPD, Fred Morgan, Manny Hernandez NYPD, Linda Morgan (holding a photo of her son Randy Guzman) NY Mayor, Rudy Guiliani, and J.R. Garcia, NYPD. Curtin who found Randy’s body is now presumed dead during rescue efforts in the September 11th colapse of the WTC. SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE PHOTO BY KAT WADE

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