PO Irma Lozada

First Female Officer Killed LOD In NYC

On September 21, 1984, Lozada, then a veteran of four years in the force, and her partner were assigned to patrol the BMT Canarsie Line (then the LL train) in plainclothes. During her patrol at Wilson Avenue station in Bushwick, Brooklyn, she witnessed a suspect, Darryl Jeter, snatch a piece of jewelry, a necklace, from an unsuspecting train rider.

Lozada and her partner split up while chasing the suspect. She chased him to a nearby abandoned lot located at the intersection of Central Avenue and Chauncey Street and waited at the lot which was heavily weeded and was loaded with junk. When confronted by the suspect she pretended to be looking for a lost dog with the intention that the suspect would not suspect her real motives. The suspect then turned around to look for the dog and Lozada pulled out her service gun. As Lozada attempted to handcuff the suspect, he turned and took her gun.

Transit Police Academy 1981: Police Officer Irma Lozada

According to Jeter, Lozada pleaded for her life to no avail. The suspect then shot her twice in the face. The first time Jeter fired, the bullet passed through her cheek. He then walked a short distance only to return after a few moments to shoot her in the face, killing her. Lozada’s body was found three hours later in the lot; she was the first female officer to be killed in the line of duty in New York City.

Darryl Jeter, the suspect, was later apprehended and charged with second degree murder, possession of a weapon, possession of stolen property and grand larceny. He was found guilty of second degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon and convicted. Jeter was sentenced to serve 32.5 years to life in prison and is not eligible for parole until he has served the 32.5 years


A 19-year-old man was found guilty yesterday of killing a transit police officer with her own gun in a weed-filled lot in Brooklyn last September.
A jury in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn returned the verdict against the defendant, Darryl Jeter, after deliberating eight hours over two days.
Mr. Jeter, a resident of Brooklyn’s Bushwick section, where the slaying occurred, had been charged with murdering the 25-year-old officer, Irma Lozada, after she confronted him in the lot because she believed he had snatched a chain from a passenger’s neck at a nearby elevated station.

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Irma Lozada:  First NYC Female Police Officer to Die in the Line of Duty– Latino Alliance